Why would you need a house clearing?

There are a few main reasons why you should consider a house clearing:

  • You’re about to move or have just moved into a new place
  • There a room in your house that no one wants to go into anymore because it “feels creepy”
  • You get the willies when you walk by a certain closet or mirror
  • You have a good feeling that your house is haunted

I have been to so many haunted houses, I promise not much surprises me anymore!

What does a long-distance house clearing look like?

Just like with long-distance Reiki, I don’t have to be physically in your house in order to clear the energy from it. 

However, I do need a quick video tour of your house using your smartphone.

I will need a quick walk-through for each room, closet, hallway and bathroom so that I have a better idea of what to expect when I’m doing the clearing.

After you’ve shared your video tour with me, we’ll set up an appointment: I will clear your house, then we’ll meet on Zoom to talk about it and I’ll give you further instructions on what needs to be done to protect your home moving forward.

Ready to book?

The investment for each 60-minute Long-Distance House Clearing is $100.